Travel alone

“Travelling alone” is the title of my first work of art, a sample showing my personal metamorphosis, my vision and the position of women in society, politics and history.

My excursion into art is the result of a long journey after different studies, trying different facets of life and intensive stays abroad. I am motivated by the inner world of humanity: to deal with vulnerability, weakness, abuse, loneliness, guilt, silence; and also philosophy, freedom and psychology as the beginning and end of everything. Behind each of my works is all this.

I live in an open society, where it is a requirement to live democracy, “Vienna remains Vienna”. A society with many edges and a history, but above all with a society open to analysis, faithful to its language, which has created a diverse space for religions, races, languages, etc.

Questioning, searching and analysis are the constants of my creative work; it is an answer to my metamorphosis and shows much of my own spirituality. In my work I try to confront the viewer with a series of publications full of secret symbols. The central themes are the individual suffering and the psychedelic journey through the history of Peru. I establish parallels and try to develop a language from elements of the Inca culture, where quinoa, coca leaves, quipu and knots are symbolic and connecting elements.

My work is a realistic manifestation of the abstract and I like the opportunity of combining the sacred elements of the Inca culture and creating new visual sensations from them, bringing the past into the present and stimulating both the psychic instinct and reflection.

I have the privilege of using large formats and using colours and colour ranges as an axis. My work is expressive and figurative at the same time. It contains collages from birds’ feathers sculptures, installations in which the contrasts produce different interpretations.